Europe is in need of more enterprises, looking for the most appropriate approach for producing more entrepreneurs, and creating a more business-friendly environment. On the other hand, it is still clearly acknowledged that the EU is not fully exploiting its entrepreneurial potential, by not successfully encouraging enough people to become entrepreneurs. Reaching out to would-be entrepreneurs to share information about starting a business, promoting role models and providing constant mentoring schemes and networking opportunities, can be just as important as making credit available and cutting red tape, especially when it comes to encouraging young people to seize new business opportunities. In addition to this, it has been well documented, that mentored small businesses survive twice as long, as non-mentored ones, eventually leading to the conclusion that integrated, lasting mechanisms and tools based on the merits of mentoring as a support practice, can be of great value in making the best out of the entrepreneurial potential across the EU.

The Mentee objectives

MENTEE aims to support aspiring and new entrepreneurs across Europe, providing them with practical entrepreneurial experiences and know-how, together with entrepreneurial models to follow, inspiration, and informal competences that could be ensured by the constant connection with experienced entrepreneurs as mentors. Mentee will create a network where new entrepreneurs can find reliable partners for their business to grow stronger, together with the most up-to-date information and opportunities for start-ups around Europe and further learning experiences. Through the project's portal, the project aims to provide all potential entrepreneurs with a support community of other entrepreneurs (potential, young, experienced) who can provide new ideas and advice.
The Mentee project objectives are thus:

Who is implementing Mentee

The Mentee project is coordinated by INnCREASE SP. z o.o in Poland. Six further partners from Italy, Portugal, Greece and the United Kingdom are complementing the Mentee partnership, each of them bringing in expertise and know-how for both the smooth implementation of the project, as well as the development of high quality outcomes and provisions. Have a look at the Mentee partners by visiting the ‘Partners’ menu. The Mentee project started in September 2014 and will conclude its work in August 2016.