SURVEY: Key competences for successful mentors in entrepreneurship // Key competences for successful entrepreneurs

If you are a mentor supporting aspiring entrepreneurs, or an experienced entrepreneur yourself, this is of interest to you!

Entrepreneurship Teaching, Research and Practice in Global Environment – Building Bridges
8 - 10 June 2016, Nessebar, Black Sea, Bulgaria

Seventh International Conference

The success of the Mentoring Circle for Entrepreneurs!

The successful Mentoring Circle for Entrepreneurs held by Mentortec in Matosinhos – Portugal ended on the first week of November of 2015. This mentoring circle was structured in three main sessions focused on self-reflexion, self-evaluation and sharing of challenges and experiences between entrepreneurs and it involved 5 experienced entrepreneurs with successful business running.

Mentoring Circle for Entrepreneurs: open session!

On 2nd of December 2015, Mentortec has hosted the first open session related to the presentation of the Mentoring Circle for Entrepreneurs and it counted with 12 participants among experienced and successful entrepreneurs, mentors, consultants and professionals of the vocational and educational training (VET) system.

"Learning (R)Evolution Forum – Discussing the Skills for the Future" in Matosinhos (PT version included)

On the 1st of October, Matosinhos received the "Learning (R)Evolution Forum – Discussing the Skills for the Future", which involved more than 100 participants, among which policy makers and regional/national players related to the development of skills as teachers, trainers, people managers and learners. The day was dedicated to the sharing and exploitation of the paths Education should follow in the future.

1st Mentoring Circle for Entrepreneurs: Register now! (PT version included)

In November and December Mentortec will promote the 1st Mentoring Circle for Entrepreneurs with new projects, startups or entrepreneurs that already have a consolidated business idea. 

This initiative, promoted in the scope of the European Project MENTEE - Mentoring, Networking and Training for European Entrepreneurs, addresses entrepreneurs that aim at developing resilience, leadership, negotiation and critical thinking skills, among others, as well as interacting with other entrepreneurs and mentors.

GEW 2015 approaching!

Global Entrepreneurship Week is an international initiative introducing entrepreneurship to young people since 2008, and it has been attracting more and more partners and participants every year, being by now present in six continents!

In 2015 it is celebrated on November 16-22, so don’t hesitate – already now check which entrepreneurial-related activities are happening during that Week in your city/region!

Mentoring to alchemia (Polish)

Polecamy ciekawy artukuł, w którym Mentoring prezentowany jest jako „alchemia, dzięki której następuje multiplikacja możliwości i unikalna szansa na rozwój”. Jednak warto także pamiętać, iż jest to proces długofalowy, w którym spotkania z mentorem to zaledwie początek drogi... Dopiero po konfrontacji własnego doświadczenia i potencjału ze wskazówkami mentora, a następnie z otoczeniem, mentee jest w stanie dostrzec efekty swoich działań oraz możliwości rozwojowych.

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Mentee partner MentorTec reporting from Portugal:
Academy of Entrepreneurs - 18 years supporting and mentoring new entrepreneurs and start-ups! Mentee was there!

Mentee partner mentortec in Portugal, had the opportunity to actively participate in the celebration of 18 years of the National Association of Young Entrepreneurs in Portugal (Associação Nacional de Jovens Empresários – ANJE) in June 2015. Besides the sharing of knowledge, experiences and contacts, this initiative allowed to introduce the MENTEE project to some of the main stakeholders of entrepreneurship in Portugal and other countries as well.

Supporting young entrepreneurs: The Acelera+ Programme for the Acceleration of Entrepreneurial Projects designed by MentorTec

In June 2015, the 2nd edition of ACELERA+ Programme for the Acceleration of Entrepreneurial Projects - an initiative promoted by UATEC (Unidade de Transferência de Tecnologia da Universidade de Aveiro) within the project GAPI 3, funded by the national fund QREN, has been finalised.

Entrepreneurs are portrayed as highly independent and self-reliant, but you shouldn’t go over the top with that!

"What Young Entrepreneurs Need From a Mentor"

Bony na innowacje

"Top 9 Benefits of Business Networking"

"Mentors: A Young Entrepreneur's Secret Weapon"

There is now evidence that UK struggles in dealing with the entrepreneurship. Although it is observed that the country hosts an increasing number of start-ups year on year, their failure in performance is no longer taboo!

In Northamptonshire, well-established firms operating in the £5.8 billion worth food and drink manufacturing sector join the South East Midlands Local Enterprise Partnership (“SEMLEP”) to develop a growth strategy for the industry. They plan to implement mentoring schemes, knowledge sharing and business support to transform the region into a centre of excellence!

“Young entrepreneurs from the Teesside University in Middlesbrough are given the opportunity of being coached from across Europe to help them start and run innovative businesses.

MENTEE project partners Militos S.A. and knowl Social Enterprise presented the MENTEE project at the event "Development for all: The woman in the entrepreneurial and professional course" in Athens, Greece, organised by the Institute for Democracy Konstantinos Karamanlis & Pan-Hellenic Organisation for Women Panathinaiki, on March 30, 2015.

INnCREASE, the MENTEE project coordinator, met with the leaders of Akademickie Inkubatory Przedsiębiorczości (AIP) in Poland, which is the managing organization of the Business Link. Business Link is the ultimate opportunity to receive top notch mentoring at your place of work. Networking and collaboration opportunities between MENTEE and Business Link have been discussed.

New legislation framework supporting entrepreneurs and favouring innovation in Poland is on its way.

MentorTec integrates, since 2013, the largest Portuguese Network of “Mentoring and Coaching of young entrepreneurs”!

MentorTec was present in the Conference “Entrepreneurship - 2020: without gender, number or degree”!

On 6th of March of 2015, Associação Nacional de Jovens Empresários – ANJE (National Association of Young Entrepreneurs) has hosted the Conference “Entrepreneurship 2020: without gender, number or degree”.

Connecting Enterprising Women’s International Women’s Day Celebration Event on 3rd March 2015. The Mentee project was there.

The Mentee project has been introduced during the local Enterprise Café at the Quaker Meeting House in Sheffield City Centre, UK, organised by Inova Consultancy on Thursday the 19th of February 2015.

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