INnCREASE Sp. z o.o.

INnCREASE Sp. z o.o. is a high quality provider of innovation services, business consultancy and partner for implementation of international innovation projects. It is a relatively new company, but one of its main areas of intervention is entrepreneurship promotion and support to new business ideas, strongly linked to the MENTEE project core theme. Activities of INnCREASE include actions addressing the entrepreneurs to be and also mentors that play a key role in the promotion of entrepreneurial culture and mind-set.

INnCREASE operates horizontally for innovation promotion along many industries, working closely with stakeholders of various sectors. Its central location in the most active business area of Polish economy and privileged links with various organisations (universities, research institutes, business incubators, national/regional associations, job centers, etc.) offer unique opportunities for implementation of the MENTEE project.
INnCREASE counts with a highly skilled team, experienced in European collaboration, project management, entrepreneurship and innovation.

Contact person: Ms. Katarzyna Pydzińska Azevedo
ul. NOWOGRODZKA 31, 00-511, Warsaw, Poland

Quality Program

Quality Program is a consulting firm working to provide quality services to SMEs, local authorities, public and private bodies in charge of local development and entrepreneurship promotion.
After more than 20 years of experience as Quality Management consultant, the company has started a process of internationalisation through European funded initiatives.
The expertise of the team working at Quality Program covers the following area:

  • entrepreneurship education
  • young entrepreneurs and start ups support
  • SMEs internationalisation
  • sustainable tourism
  • cultural heritage protection, recovery and valorisation
  • ICT applied to new solutions for cultural heritage management, business support, health

Since 2010, Quality Program is member of Materahub a consortium of companies born to foster entrepreneurship and creativity as means for development in Italy and Europe.
The tools to reach this objective are strictly connected to the implementation of EU projects (within Erasmus +, Creative Europe, Horizon2020, COSME, etc.), a powerful networking (with more than 100 partners all around Europe) and a strong involvement in policy development and strategic planning for Local and regional Authorities.

Contact person: Mr. Paolo Montemurro
Via L. Einaudi 73/A, 75100 Matera, Italy
T. 0039 0835309071


Mentortec is a business accelerator focused on the promotion and sustainable growth of technology based start-ups, as well as on the establishment of business cooperation relationships between entrepreneurs and new technology-based firms (NTBF) from different countries.

MentorTec has its services’ portfolio structured in 3 major and complementary areas, ensuring a full coverage and support through the entire business value chains: mentoring, business acceleration and personal consultancy.

Mentoring: through its network of mentors, MentorTec keeps an open and close dialogue with young entrepreneurs at different levels, in order to drive their business idea straight ahead to the market with significant chances to make them successful businessmen in a near future.
Business Acceleration: MentorTec cooperates with several start-ups with the goal of strengthening its potential to become a success case in the entrepreneurial world. To do so, MentorTec bases its work on real and reliable assumptions and delivers a structured and integrated approach where feasible actions are defined and scheduled in time.
Personalised Consultancy: Through its specialized team of highly qualified professionals, MentorTec provides entrepreneurs with personal consultancy addressing the different stages of each business. The goal is to decrease the time between the idea statement and the business establishment.

Contact person: Ms. Andreia Monteiro

T. +351 22 9396350

Knowl Social Enterprise for Lifelong Learning

What is knowl?
Knowl is a social enterprise aiming to expand the knowledge capital and make the ‘knowledge society’ more inclusive.

Why knowl is innovative?
Because it brings together the academic, entrepreneurial and research communities at an interdisciplinary level and develops integrated pedagogical models encompassing a wide socioeconomic spectrum.

What we do at knowl?
We provide education and training in a wide range of topics, by exploiting the expertise of educators, academics, instructors, consultants and diverse social actors from various fields like lifelong learning, entrepreneurship and business, creative and cultural industries etc.

How we do it?
We design training material and implement face-to-face workshops and webinars with a special focus on the needs of social groups at risk, as well as companies, organisations and individuals. As a social enterprise, knowl is taking account of the different socio-economic factors of our target groups such as financial resources, educational and cultural background, providing flexible enrolment patterns, and producing socially redeeming value for all.

How you can contribute?
You can attend knowl’s workshops and webinars and give the opportunity to someone who cannot afford them to participate as well. The low attendance fees that you pay cover the fees of an individual who cannot pay. You can buy a training coupon and give it to an individual you choose. Alternatively, you can be a speaker or instructor in one of knowl’s workshops and webinars on a voluntary basis.

Knowl is about networking
We create and maintain strong and productive synergies that are truly socially responsible with the private and public sectors, aligning activities with initiatives within the corporate social responsibility patterns of companies, enterprises and organisations. We mainstream the collective input and achievements of knowl initiatives, through publications, research reports and yearbooks, enriching the knowledge base.

Knowledge is free and inclusive
Our philosophy adheres to the principles of social entrepreneurship and social economy, putting people and social welfare before profits.

Contact person: Ms. Sofia IOANNOU
335 Acharnon str, 11145, Athens, Greece
T. +30 210 83 12 868

Inova Consultancy Ltd.

Inova Consultancy provides a flexible consultancy service that responds to the needs of organisations and individuals internationally in the area of diversity, equal opportunities and entrepreneurship. Inova has extensive experience in the development and delivery of mentoring and personal development programmes both in the UK and on an international level for women. Inova has developed the Mentoring Circles™ methodology, supporting different target groups in their career and enterprise development across Europe. Inova holds the Presidency of WITEC, the first European association for Women in SET (Science, Engineering and Technology) based in 10 European countries with 20 years of experience.

Contact person: Ms Helen Pearson
Leecroft House, 58 - 64 Campo Lane
Sheffield, S1 2EG, United Kingdom

T. +44 (0) 114 279 90 91

VITECO – Vitale Tecnologie Comunicazione S.r.l.

VITECO is a company that offers a complete range of solutions for distance learning aimed at transfer skills and competencies. From the development of e-learning platforms to the production of multimedia courses, each creation is designed matching innovation and usability.

It is provider of technologies for long-distance training and it is leader in e-learning sector in Italy, having its own e-learning platform and has a solid expertise on open source platform Dokeos. Its core business is based on VET, development of web-based solutions for collaborative learning and educational content management. Its expertise has been acquired also through participation in several Regional and EU projects.

Thanks to the experiences gained throughout the years in the domain of knowledge and content management, VITECO developed simple and intelligent platforms which give the different type of users access to a great variety of contents and to the “e-learning experience” without requiring specific IT competences.

VITECO is partner is several EU projects (LLP and ERASMUS+ KA2) focused on supporting young NEETs, female entrepreneurs and other disadvantaged groups to improve their skills and competences to enter the job market or start up their own business.

Contact person: Ms. Andrea Zalabaiova
Via Mario Sangiorgi n. 37, 95129, Catania, Italy

T. +39 095 509594
F. +39 095 7463260

Militos Consulting S.A.

Militos Consulting S.A. is a unique and innovative 360° consultancy firm that counts many successes and recognition in the European and local (Greek) market for 14 years. The company has a strong European profile and international experience in the provision of integrated and innovative consultancy services in a wide spectrum of fields, such as 360° Information and Awareness Measures, Entrepreneurship Training and Promotion, New Media, Employment, VET, Agriculture, Culture, Media, etc. to bodies and enterprises interested in benefiting from the growing economic and technological capabilities of the European and international environment. Militos has the necessary experience and scientific background supporting substantial involvement in the development of research and studies in the fields of economy, society and entrepreneurship, both at national and EU level.

Having also excelled as an awareness and publicity consultant (inc. professional event organiser), Militos Consulting S.A. undertakes the design, coordination and successful implementation of various large-scale events such as, conferences, workshops, seminars, press conferences, info-days, exhibitions and visits (only in the last years we have implemented over 50 demanding and complicated events, involving over 50.000 participants, with enormous success).

Furthermore, the company has a dynamic creative and web team that has conceptualised, developed, designed and produced numerous ‘unique approach’ websites, vortals, workspaces, online games, social media pages, interactive databases, blog entries, logos, visual identity, brochures, posters, banners and related promotional material, articles, speeches, building up an impressive record.
Militos Consulting S.A. stands out for its team formed by mutli-national, mutli-lingual, skilled, knowledgeable and imaginative people with strong experience to design and deliver integrated unique consulting services. The company consists of a group of specialists with a passion to deliver results through client relationships and partnerships.
In 2013, Militos Consulting S.A. was listed, in the yearly ICAP Group edition, among the «Leading Employers in Greece», that stand out for their employment profile and corporate social responsibility.

Militos Consulting S.A. applies a Quality Management System certified with ISO 9001:2008 for the design and management of European co-funded projects, the design and implementation of consulting services to organisations, the conceptual development and provision of integrated communication services and the conducting of social and business studies and research.
Militos is also certified by TUV Austria Hellas for its professional system of managerial capability for the provision of services in the fields of advertising, public relations and branding (ELOT 1435:2009). Furthermore, Militos is a member of the Greek Advertising Self-regulation Council and abides by the Code of the Organization for the Protection of Rights of the Advertising Companies.

Contact person: Mr. Kyriakos Lingas
Acharnon 335, 1145 Athens, Greece

T. +302106772129
F. +302106772116